Sterling silver HEART and DAISY bangles
FOSSIL HEART and hammered HEART and silver pendants
Sterling silver HEART chain bracelets
Silver hammered HEART bangles with gemstone charms
HEART and FOSSIL HEART silver earrings
Silver HEART rings with 9ct gold details
9ct yellow gold pierced HEART set
Tiny yellow gold HEART necklace
Sterling silver bangle with a hollow cut out HEART silver and 22ct gold plated charm
Silver hammered HEART charm on a WAVE bangle
HEART and FOSSIL HEART silver stud earrings
Silver oval bangle with HEART on HEART silver and 18ct gold charm

The HEART design is open to endless variation while improvising on a theme. Choose from a special HEART necklace, in white gold with a diamond or in yellow gold with a  sapphire, ruby, or any other gemstone. For any occasion a classic hammered silver HEART pendant or a tiny pair of FOSSIL HEART (a new design) earrings will do the trick. In between there are HEART rings, and HEART charms on bracelets and bangles. Hammered, highly polished, matt, frosted, textured, pierced or engraved surfaces, make them look even more special. The clever part is to have a loved one believe it was all their own idea to give you one of these…


From £29 for a pair of small, hammered sterling silver HEART stud earrings and £33 for a mini Sculpted Heart pendant on a 16" diamond cut curb chain.