Ruth Carter

Ruth Carter designs and makes individual pieces of handcrafted jewellery. She is interested in the way the colours and textures of different materials interact as light and movement touches them. She uses an eclectic mix of natural gemstones, freshwater pearls, silver, glass and some handmade beads to produce original jewellery which is both eye-catching and a joy to wear.


Her most recent pieces feature handmade lamp work glass beads which she creates using a specialised blowtorch to melt coloured glass rods, the hot glass is carefully layered to make patterns, pictures and shapes. All the beads are kiln annealed which sets and cools them precisely to ensure a strong and durable finish. Each bead is made individually which means they are all different, once these are combined with other similar beads or with combinations of coordinating gemstones the resulting jewellery pieces are truly original.


Ruth Carter lives in the Tendring area and is married to the artist Simon Carter.