Melissa Yarlett

After graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in 2015 with a

degree in Contemporary Crafts Melissa decided to pursue her dream of

being a jewellery designer and maker, and so shortly after graduating

began to build a workshop close to home and over time collected all the

equipment needed to do so.


Based in the North West she gathers natural growths and formations from

the local woodlands and mountains whilst exploring and climbing. She is

greatly inspired by the mystery of Scandinavian folklore and natural

growths such as Lichen, Moss and Rock formations - the most beautiful

details are often the ones we overlook everyday.


With a love for delicate and tiny details Melissa handcrafts bespoke pieces

of jewellery using recycled silver that is then combined with Enamel, hidden

stones which are all ethically sourced and natural materials. Melissa makes

each piece individually in her quaint workshop and her work is never cast

or reproduced so no two pieces are the same, each with its own identity

much like its wearer.


Her jewellery aims to capture the idea of nature taking back the material,

much like when moss takes over a brick wall. With each piece representing

a different stage of ‘growth’ and beauty that comes with new life that is also 

very wearable and many pieces can be stacked and layered together.