Magnolia Restrepo

I was born in Colombia, in a small village in the Andes. My degree in environmental sciences led me deep into the heart of my country's Amazon rainforest to study its ecology. While there I finally understood that my real passion lies in a creative and artistic approach to the world about me.


I have worked with jewellery since I was fifteen years old. My eldest brother taught me the art and craft of jewellery making; my family run a jewellery workshop, Dione Joyeria Artesanal.


I delight in fusing and transforming metals, uniting them with precious and semi-precious stones, and giving life to a piece that becomes magnified when worn. My inspiration comes from people and their emotions, from the colours of the stones, nature, and from everyday life. Each piece is handmade. Each design is produced in small quantities, and each piece is unique.