Emily Richard

Emily Richard specialises in designing and making innovative, geometric jewellery in precious metals. Creating elegant patterns and shapes using simple, geometric elements forms a large part of her work, and the Torus collection is inspired by mathematical models that are made up of thin slices of intersecting metal to form an intricate three-dimensional shape. This collection, in sterling silver, is finished in a variety of styles to create a stunning visual effect when looked at from different perspectives. There is a strong emphasis on traditional hand-making skills which are used alongside modern technology to produce detailed and accurate pieces. Her work has received acclaim from the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths', winning awards for Technological Innovation at their prestigious Craftsmanship and Design Awards.


Emily creates her jewellery in her workshop in Rugby, Warwickshire, and trained as a jeweller at Birmingham's renowned School of Jewellery. She also teaches jewellery making courses in the Midlands.